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Thoughts while going through the ACs in MSS type questions

Do the right wayDo the right way Alum Member

Hi 7Sages,

I am facing a bit difficulty in dealing with the ACs of the MSS type of questions.
I want to ask about the best way to deal with these ACs.
When you go through each of the ACs, what do you try to do just after reading it?
Do you try to find reasons as to why that AC might be wrong ie Like trying to find a flaw which might occur here? Finding a subtle flaw is bit of a problem on my part. I am lacking in that respect.

Or Do you try to support the AC and try to find possible reasons how the AC can be the conclusion supported by the premises given in the question?

Thanks and Regards :)


  • FixedDiceFixedDice Legacy Member
    edited March 2018 1804 karma

    I strongly recommend against the latter approach, especially if you are having a difficult time with MSS questions. It's amazing how exceedingly forgiving one's brain can get when trying to support an answer choice ("Ohhh, this can be true! But wait, this sounds supported too. And this... Uhh...").

    I personally find the process of elimination quite useful. Think of MSS questions as trying to discern the best out of a bad lot, with a limited amount of information and time and with your future at stake. You know, kind of like elections.

  • Do the right wayDo the right way Alum Member
    181 karma

    Thanks @FixedDice for your advice. It is proving helpful to me . :)

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