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Good at the questions, but too slow for the time alotted.

ampandl13ampandl13 Member
in General 4 karma

Hi, so I took the first practice LSAT in the course (June 2007). I found that I'm very, very good at finding the right answers, but it takes me longer than 35 minutes. I was wondering if anyone else has been having this problem? When I don't try to answer everything in 35 minutes, I get only a few wrong. It's frustrating because the explanations to each answer make total sense to me, but I missed the question because i had to start rushing through my thought process in order to fit them in 35 minutes.


  • FixedDiceFixedDice Member
    1804 karma

    A good number of us have been there. You will have to learn to increase your speed throughout the course of your study. After all, it's only your first PT.

  • studyingandrestudyingstudyingandrestudying Core Member
    5254 karma

    I'm not an expert, but maybe spending more time on BR and looking at skipping strategies could be helpful. I think things will likely get better as you do more tests.

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