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Should I wait and postpone my LSAT?-Already took LSAT Dec 2017 did not score as expected

MindyKaleMindyKale Alum Member
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I already took the test in Dec 2017 and scored much worse than my PT average.

I have registered for June and I have 25 more days until test date. Currently, I am not PT-ing where I'd like. Considering I have 25 more days to prepare, should I prepare and take the test anyway? If I do not score at my target score, how badly would 3 takes reflect on my profile and rob me of my chances for admissions and financial aid considerations. I am currently 10 points below my target score.

In other words, I am also asking, how bad do multiple takes essentially look on the application? I am an international student i.e. no LSDAS GPA. And my evaluation maybe average or above average.

My goal is to apply for the 2019 cycle regardless.

I do not have the July option as it is not offered in Asia.

Please advice.

Admin note: changed 2018 to 2017 (Dec 2018 test is in the future)


  • stormstorm Member
    261 karma

    Do you mind sharing what your target score is/where you're at now and what your averages are per section? What is your average blind review score lately?

    My gut is that I would push it back to September, as the pressure you have to get +10 for your average score in 25 days is very high. That pressure, in-and-of itself, might hold you back from reaching the +10 average you need. If you take a fall test, you're still set-up well to apply early or on time in the cycle.

    I don't think anyone can answer for you the level to which the number of retakes matters and how each additional retake effects your application. I think what you do know, is that you aren't scoring where you want to be scoring and are a bit far from it. So, I'd say reschedule and focus on attacking your weak points versus stressing about being ready in 25 days.

  • PositivePositive Alum Member
    426 karma

    10 pints difference is huge. I personally would delay and take the exam in October. According to the LSAC, the score release will be on Oct. 31st, which is still considered "early" in cycle if you are worried about the submission timing. Prepare well and also get ready for application components and submit on the day you receive your score in October. Good luck!

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