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Last PT!

jennyleejhjennyleejh Alum Member
edited June 2018 in June 2018 LSAT 145 karma

Advice needed!! D:

So tomorrow I have an opportunity to take a mock exam in the exact venue that our actual LSAT will be taken in.. BUT I have only ONE fresh PT left (this is my fourth take...). Should I use this opportunity to simulate test conditions and see how I do, and finetune/focus on my weaknesses till 24th June (international test date)? Since I've already studied for so long I have a feeling that I probably won't dramatically increase my scores in the next few weeks... OR the other option is to take the last exam maybe a week later after which I would have had more time to review.. what do you think would be best?!

(Also I think my biggest weakness is dealing with high pressure situations.. my scores fluctuate terribly depending on how confident I feel.. so I am leaning towards taking the fresh one tomorrow in the testing site so that I can get used to the environment.. But of course! your input will help me finalize my decision!)



  • EmmetropicEmmetropic Free Trial Member
    164 karma

    I would say it's better to take the fresh test during in the realistic setting. You'll lessen your doubts in high pressure situations because you know you'll have gone through a real test in the same spot.

    I would also look into retaking exams you took an extremely long time ago. As long as you're not picking a choice because you remembered it was the answer, you should be fine. You'll likely not remember much anyway If you took it over 5-6 months ago.

  • iamcardibriiamcardibri Alum Member
    314 karma

    I second @Emmetropic

    If it were me, I would take the opportunity to do a fresh PT at the actual testing location versus waiting a couple weeks to take it back at home or where ever you usually study. You said it yourself that you’ve already studied for so long that you don’t anticipate your scores increasing much more within the next couple of weeks so why save it for later?

    You also stated that your biggest concern is working under high pressure and how it can negatively impact your scores.. it sounds to me like you have a lot more to gain by taking your last fresh PT at the venue!

    That’s just my two cents.. Best of luck!

  • Gladiator_2017Gladiator_2017 Yearly Member
    1332 karma

    Another option is to do a retake and hopefully boost your confidence.

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