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PT 50's vs PT 80's

amicuslsatamicuslsat Alum Member
edited June 2018 in General 178 karma

I've only been PT-ing on the 40-60 PT's, are there any huge differences between these preptests and the 80 series?


  • sx23sx23 Alum Member
    409 karma

    The 40s are very misleading: LG and RCs are a lot easier and LRs tend to use the same tricks over and over. The 50s and 60s should be fine though but I think LGs in the 80s are more time consuming (more brute-forcing your way through) if not harder.

  • Regis_Phalange63Regis_Phalange63 Alum Member
    1058 karma

    For me there has been quite a difference between the 60s(No difference between the 50s and the 60s) and the 70s……...

  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    3112 karma

    The 80's are very different. The lawgic is trickier and less definitive. Granted, the task is still the same. But in the 40s-50s, there was usually one clearly right answer and four clearly wrong answers. Now the right answers tend to be less clear, while there still being four clearly wrong answers.

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