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How do you stay sharp after foolproofing?

Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
in Logic Games 2186 karma

I foolproofed every game from PT 19-38. Then I shifted my focus to Logical Reasoning and I've found I'm slower than I was at the height of my foolproofing. Will this speed come back if I incorporate a LG section into my prep every day? I suppose I'm worried I might regress while studying for LR and RC.


  • btate87btate87 Alum Member
    788 karma

    I review 5 or so games of a certain type each day.

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    I'm not sure that you need to do LG every day. I am at PT30 in my fool-proof journey and I still feel like i'm not as strong as I expected by this point. I'm gonna go back and do all of the games as sections and then review the games that trip me up. This way I can stay sharp with LG while diverting most of my attention away from fool-proofing.

  • paulmv.benthempaulmv.benthem Alum Member
    1032 karma

    For the three PTs I took after finishing foolproofing PT1-35, I averaged about -1 in LG. Consequently, I didn't do much to maintain the skill, and it was reflect in my scores, dropping to -4. Since then, I've been doing at least one section of logic games every other day, and that's gotten me back to where I was.

    That being said, I also have found a ton of value in spending an hour focusing on a particular game-type, drilling games of that type and reviewing. I would even go so far as to say that this has helped me to stay sharp more effectively than drilling full sections. Though, full sections still have their purpose.

  • Return On InferenceReturn On Inference Alum Member
    503 karma

    I never stopped foolproofing. I do these sadistic Sudoku puzzles every single morning.

  • NovLSAT2019NovLSAT2019 Alum Member
    620 karma

    I foolproofed a section of LG today after not doing anything LSAT related since the June exam and got through it sooooooo much faster than how I did two weeks ago. I usually take notes on how long it took me to do each games, recommended time for those games, level of difficulty, how many questions right/wrong. You might just need some time off for your brain to digest and recover from the intense foolproofing session. Doing more won’t necessarily help... While I believe in intense study sessions, sometimes doing less could actually be more beneficial.

  • LivingThatLSATdreamLivingThatLSATdream Alum Member
    500 karma

    I keep clean copies of LG with me pretty much all the time. I foolproofed through PT35, but I like to go back and do them to keep my mind on it. I set a timer on my phone and work on it during work breaks, waiting for an appt, commercial breaks, basically when I know I have 15 minutes or so and a table. I do this for LG above PT35 also, as long as I’ve already completed the PT in timed conditions and BR it. I should probably create a notebook with LR questions I’ve had difficulty with to review on breaks, or RC passages. That may be a better use of my break times at this point to be honest, but I just love that every PT I know I’ll get -0 and I don’t want to lose that!

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