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Is November too late to apply for Law School?

msirchiamsirchia Legacy Member


I am a non traditional student, out of college for over ten years now. I was hoping to just take the july LSAT but its looking like my schedule has definitely impeded my studying. If i took the test in November so i can really take the proper time for PTs would that be putting me at a disadvantage admissions wise? I already have a bit of an uphill battle due to a low UGPA.


  • jkjohnson1991jkjohnson1991 Alum Member
    754 karma

    No it isn’t too late.
    Just have the rest of your application ready to be submitted as soon as your score is released.

  • FixedDiceFixedDice Legacy Member
    edited July 2018 1804 karma

    If you take the November test, then your score should be released in early December. Even if you submit everything else earlier, your application will be deemed complete only after your score is received.

    December is not that late, but it's not early either.

  • paulmv.benthempaulmv.benthem Alum Member
    1032 karma

    Just to clarify, I assume you’re applying to American schools?

  • msirchiamsirchia Legacy Member
    50 karma

    Yes, american schools.

    I was aiming for September LSAT but I have a ten day trip scheduled in the middle of august so I feel losing those 10 days may not be the best thing ramping up for September 8.

  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    3112 karma

    No it isn't too late. As long as you submit the day you get your scores you'll be fine.

  • LawSkewlProbsLawSkewlProbs Alum Member
    103 karma

    Some schools are still taking applications until July 15 for admission this fall. You'll have time to retake the exam if you wanted to as well.

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    Sept-Oct is early, Nov-Dec is middle, Jan+ is late. You have the best chance in September, about 15% better odds (with same stats) than a student who applies after January, maybe a few percent better than November/December.

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