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Applying an LR Main Point Strategy to RC Main Point Qs

LouislepauvreLouislepauvre Alum Member

An idea just occurred to me about how to approach MP questions in RC. My accuracy in these Qs is about 80%, but obviously I'd like this higher, and it can still be a tricky question type for me (i.e, time sink). A strategy I started using in LR MP questions is if it's a tough one where two answers are nearly identical, I say to myself, "Which one could potentially support the other?" The one that could give support is not the answer. This usually works. I'm wondering if I could apply that same logic to RC questions. Are RC MP questions asking what is the conclusion? Is there a difference in this context between "Main Point" and "conclusion" (Which would mean that the main point, i.e, conclusion, would require the support of premises)? Anybody ever have the same approach? I'm going to start implementing it, but I figure I'd get some feedback. Happy studying!

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