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School visits in SoCal, attire?

LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member

Hi everyone, I'm scheduled to visit two schools in southern California next month. I'm leaning towards business casual (slacks and either polo or long sleeved button up), but want to make sure I'm not committing a fashion faux pas. I feel like a suit / tie is too much and my normal socal uniform of berks, board shorts, and tee shirt may be a bit casual.

Thoughts? and thanks!


  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Core Member
    1532 karma

    The business casual look seems like a good idea. I would stick with lightweight fabrics. You don’t want to be too overdressed or underdressed.

  • FixedDiceFixedDice Member
    edited July 2018 1804 karma

    We don't do no business casual here in SoCal, even at educational institutions. If you don't want to stand out, try an Aloha shirt (red is the go-to color, but the more flashy and flowery the better) and a pair of plaid cargo shorts (I recommend khaki). Sandals or flip-flops are A-OK, but socks with either is one step too far. Sunglasses are mandatory. If you know how to surf, flight attendants may treat you to a free bag of peanuts.

  • FixedDiceFixedDice Member
    1804 karma

    Seriously though, business casual is perfectly fine (I saw a few people wearing jeans). A tie isn't too much, but a suit definitely is.

  • 702 karma

    Haha!!! I toured a couple schools in so cal and honestly I wore black jeans ballet flats, a nice blouse, and a leather jacket and I felt perfectly dressed. I sat in on one of the first year classes and all the students were wearing sweatshirts jeans and flip flops. I was actually kind of surprised everyone was so causal- I’ve heard that you should dress nicely to class. Also the admissions director was dressed in a suit. The student who gave me tour was wearing jean shorts and a shirt. She had a broken leg so maybe that’s why? I think you would be fine in a polo and slacks. I toured with another prospective student and that is exactly what he was wearing. Best of luck!

  • ad_coelumad_coelum Alum Member
    285 karma

    A nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt sounds great. No extremes at either spectrum is good advice. So, no jeans or open-toed shoes and no 3 piece suits. Sounds like you already know what to do! :)

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    A non-wrinkly Polo, lightweight chinos, some type of leather shoe that isn't a boat shoe and you're fine. You want to make a good impression in case you run into faculty that will eventually be your teachers.

    More importantly though, you need to have a succinct answer to the question: "Why Law?" in case faculty ask this question.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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    Business casual is perfect. When I visited UCLA, there was a pretty big spectrum. Some in nice outfits with jeans, a few students in suits. Shooting for the middle is about right. It’ll likely be hot though so no one will judge you if you dress for the weather. Would probably be good to do something like a polo and khaki pants. Nice but keeping it a little light.

  • PandaRamenPandaRamen Alum Member
    162 karma

    I second the polo and khakis. Most business professional I know of either wear polos and khakis or dress pants and button down shirt with sleeves folded.

  • spitzy11spitzy11 Alum Member
    772 karma

    When I visited UCI I wore black jeans, blazer, ballet flats and was by far the most dressed up. The guys wore just t-shirts and shorts (or jeans) w/ tennis shoes and there was a girl in short shorts and a normal t-shirt lol.

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