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Getting into a good law school also an emotional journey?

Nunuboy1994Nunuboy1994 Free Trial Member

Just wanted to create an off topic discussion and get my mind off the entrance exam aspect of getting into a good law school. In the grand scheme of things, who here is also starting to think getting into a top law school is a very tough emotional journey of self-growth? I would imagine for any of you 7 sagers it’s not an easy journey taking pt after pt- not even just the test aspect of it but how it emotionally drains you.


  • ebalde1234ebalde1234 Member
    905 karma

    Yeah it can be draining if you have a choice school that you want to get into ... I recommend frequent breaks to prevent burnout . But if your looking for the philosophical answer not the practical one then , remember why you started this journey and what your ultimate goal is. In the end it’s all part of the journey we just have to keep the bigger picture in mind , best of luck

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