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Can anyone with AP/IB scores on their college transcript confirm something for me?

On my academic summary report generated by LSAC, I have 38 credits under the 'unconverted hours earned' column, and I'm trying to figure out what these are.

From my official university transcript, I have a section called 'test credits' with all of my AP scores from back in high school.

These are:
AP American History - 6 credits
AP Biology - 6 credits
AP Comp/Lit - 0 credits
AP European History - 6 credits
AP Calculus AB - 6 credits
AP Calculus BC - 8 credits
AP Psychology - 3 credits
AP Statistics - 3 credits

That conveniently adds up to 38 credits, so I assume that's what it is right? Can anyone else with AP/IB test credit on their transcripts confirm?

I've heard some schools are sticklers and will request additional information about these unconverted hours. What do I do in that situation? Am I just overthinking it all? I'm getting nothing from google on this one.


  • eRetakereRetaker Free Trial Member
    2038 karma

    Yep, my AP credits also became unconverted hours and it's not an issue at all. They calculate your LSAC GPA without consideration of those unconverted hours and no school will ask you about it.

  • samantha.ashley92samantha.ashley92 Alum Member
    1777 karma

    My AP credits were entered as "pass" on my college transcript. That being said, "passing" P/F grades are not a part of your GPA. I'm still waiting on my second transcript to be processed by LSAC, so I can't see what that looks like on my end, but I'm sure that's what those 38 credit hours are. I'm sure that plenty of law school applicants have AP/IB credits on their transcripts, and admissions committees are used to seeing them.

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