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Can someone give me any feedback on my personal statement for public interest law?

LSATtruth.LSATtruth. Alum Member
I plan on going into public interest law and so the personal statement discusses my drive for social justice. I've written it and had a couple of people look at it, but now need to fine tune it.


  • amyktoweramyktower Member
    48 karma
    Hey @hakeemmuhammad498 ! I can try to give some helpful feedback if you like ~ I too am trying to craft a personal statement for public interest law. Maybe we could trade? Let me know and send me a message if you want!
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma
    I wouldn't mind looking at it! I also have a desire to go into PIL. Also if you need professional advice, David's admissions pack is really resourceful!
  • helentang02helentang02 Alum Member
    246 karma
    Hey I know it's been over a couple weeks since you posted this. But if you still need someone to take a look at your personal statement I'm more than happy to check it out! I also wouldn't mind showing mine for feedback too. Thank you!
  • speedwagonspeedwagon Alum Member
    393 karma
    Let's get a trade going! I'd love to swap.
  • sewellsarahsewellsarah Free Trial Member
    46 karma
    @hakeemmuhammad498 It's been a while since you first posted but I'd also be willing to look at it!
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