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How To Make Sure You Perform On Test Day

burstei6burstei6 Alum Member
edited November 2014 in General 138 karma
I completed most of the core curriculum (90% or so) mid way through October and have been taking PT's ever since then. I have taken 20 PT's at this point and plan on taking 13 more before test day in December. I have an average of 169.5 but recently, on my last 10 or so I have averaged a 172 with 3 or 4 scores of 176 and above. I

know I can dominate this test and I have worked very hard up until this point and plan on continuing to work hard, but does anyone have any tips on how to really make sure you dominate on test day? I took the LSAT in June of 2013 and got a 160 (I choked pretty hard), but now I see the test in such a different way and my scores have reflected that. I am confident in my abilities, but has anyone done anything specific to make sure they are ready to perform when it comes to test day?

I am consistently 100% on LG, 3-4 wrong on LR overall, and 3-5 wrong on RC. I still have yet to feel as dominant on RC as I do on LG and LR, but getting to that level seems almost impossible for me right now, I just don't see RC answers as clear cut as other sections. Does anyone have any elite RC tips that can push me up to the level of perfection?

What other things are high scorers doing before test day that help them achieve peak performance on test day? If anyone has any advice on how to push for that 175 + score on test day, feel free to share.

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