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How to Keep Momentum and Perform on Test Day?

173orbust173orbust Alum Member
in General 183 karma

Hi everyone. After scoring a 168 (4-5 points below my PT average) on the November LSAT, I have been studying for a retake in February. Since the November test I have been averaging over 175 and have scored as high as 180 (this felt great but it also stings that it wasn't on an official test). Does anyone have any advice on how to keep this momentum going and what my study plan should look like? I'm thinking of relaxing things as I don't have much room to improve and just need to lock in performance.

Also, does anyone have tips on performing up to or above your PT average on test day? Although my average is higher now, I would still like to avoid a 5 point drop if possible. From the advice of others on here, I have taken up meditation and am trying to adopt the mindset that my official test is just another practice test. Is there anything else I should try?

Thank you for the advice.

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