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Help on Improving my Logical Reasoning and Logic Game sections of LSAT

Southern_princeSouthern_prince Free Trial Member
edited November 2014 in December 2014 LSAT 22 karma
Hello guys,
I am currently 3 weeks away from the LSAT and started self-studying in September. I decided to self-study due to me not having to the financial means to afford a tutor or enroll into a course. I am currently using the PowerScore Bible games for studying. My biggest downfall is second guessing myself and not fully grasping the concept of logical reasoning as it pertains to quickly identifying how to select as answer choice that caters to the particular question type. Do you guys know of any strategies I can use to improve my Logical Reasoning Section of the LSAT. When I took a diagnostic for the first time, I score an 135. When I took one 4 weeks later, I scored an 151. However, that declined once I took one yesterday in which I scored an 131. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please guys could you provide me with some feedback and strategies. Thanks in advance!


  • DavabrahamsDavabrahams Alum Member
    62 karma
    Hey, don't feel discouraged it happens to all of us. First of all, you have to reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, when you said that you scored a 131 on your last prep test what were your individual scores on each section? How many did you get right in Logical Games? Typically you can get the best out of your score by doing descent on games. But let me know so I can help you further? But don't feel bad, just keep going forward!
  • Southern_princeSouthern_prince Free Trial Member
    22 karma
    Thank you so much for taking out the time to provide me with some feedback as well as some words of encouragement. I truly appreciate it and it means so much to me. I think my biggest issue was not printing the practice test out. Instead, I took it on the computer, which may explains why I did so poorly. Over the course of my studying, i typically do extremely well on the Logic Games section and generally only miss 2 or 3 questions per section. However, when it comes to taking a practice test, I only get 12 out of 23 correct. Logical Reasoning is my biggest downfall primarily because I do not think I am applying my methods correctly. Once again, Thanks so much!
  • ddakjikingddakjiking Inactive ⭐
    2116 karma
    If that's the case where you took the test from the computer, I would take the 131 with a grain of salt. There's simply a huge difference between reading the questions from a computer screen and actually having it on paper. Do a printed PT for a progress report. I'm sure you'll do better than a 151! :)
  • Southern_princeSouthern_prince Free Trial Member
    22 karma
    Thank you so much, I am going to do another PT printed! Goodluck with the rest of your studying!
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