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What order should I study these?

alishakoharialishakohari Legacy Member
in General 4 karma

I'm using the basic 7sage in combination with powerscore bibles and workbooks. anyone doing the same? and which do you use first or in combination? kinda confused how to go about it for maximum benefit.


  • BamboosproutBamboosprout Alum Member
    1694 karma

    Yup, did that exactly. I would recommend doing the bibles first, and then 7sage. 7sage, at least if you do ultimate or ultimate+ is way more in depth and aims way deeper at the root of logic than powerscore bibles. But doing the bibles first can give you a good idea of the basics and a few tricks of the trade. If you're not planning to do ultimate or ultimate+, then I think the order doesn't really matter too much. I think the material will be similar, but I would probably save the practice tests from 7sage until later.
    Hope this helps. =)

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    I would recommend picking one curriculum and just sticking with it. I started with Powerscore before I found 7sage, and while I don't think it hurt me, I did have to learn different methods when I switched to 7sage. I think it's better to just learn one method and get it really solid than to have to "forget" some methods when you switch to a new course.

  • TrusttheprocessTrusttheprocess Alum Member
    756 karma

    TBH - I have used Princeton, Powerscore, etc. - for LSAT prep thus far. 7sage is honestly second to none because of JY's approach and explanation.

    Powerscore has a good info - however there approach is a bit different.

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