Looking for opinions from those of you wiser than me! I scored a 159 on September LSAT...exactly my practice test score. Here's the complicating factor...I missed 12 on LG, also typical for me. Long story short, I have a weird spatial learning disability that makes diagramming and inferring from diagrams quite difficult for me. I am a non-traditional student at 49 years old, have a great GPA and Phi Beta Kappa membership from undergrad, am finishing an MA in the spring, and owned my own business for 20 years prior to this endeavor. So, do I try to find some additional LG resources to complement 7Sage and re-take in November? I'm not aiming for Top 14 but financial aid is an imperative. TIA for your expertise!


  • msk12345msk12345 Alum Member
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    How do you know your score break down by section? I can't figure it out

  • Late Not NeverLate Not Never Alum Member
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    Look at the pdf of your score sheet.

  • EAnn8771EAnn8771 Alum Member
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    Have you tried to ask for accommodations during the test due to your learning disability?

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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    Yes I’d recommend looking into accommodations if you think extra time would help. And it’s hard to say if you should re-take without knowing your goals. T14 aside, where do you want to go? What do you need to go there?

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