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How do I change my LSAT date from December to February?

psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Member
edited November 2014 in General 207 karma
I've already paid and am registered, but have no idea whether I need to withdraw, and then re-register, or if there's a way to redelegate it, ect and If I've missed some sort of deadline?


  • psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Member
    207 karma
    11/16/2014 "Date change deadline" -


    I took the Sept test and got a 150....I don't think I'll be able to get many more points on the December test...and the Feb one is the last one I can take before applications are due. Advice?
  • shadow16shadow16 Member
    227 karma
    Technically, you can't "change" the date because the deadline passed. However, you can withdraw from the Dec exam as long as you do it before midnight EST on the 5th. If you withdraw, then it won't show up on your record. So just withdraw from Dec and then reregister for Feb. If you do decide to take Dec and you're not happy with your performance, you can cancel the exam (but this will show up on your record). Hopefully, that makes sense!
  • sunflowersunflower Alum Member
    46 karma
    I would take the December test. Granted you've been studying full force since September you might as well just take this one. If you don't like the score o well, take it again in February. However I would use the December score to gauge the range of law schools I will be applying. I wouldn't push it until February.
  • psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Member
    207 karma
    sunflower, I havent been studying full force since sept :/
  • sunflowersunflower Alum Member
    46 karma
    Ok, in which case you would need to consider some options. First, do you have to be in school by next fall. If you do then you just gotta give the December test your best shot. Prepare as if this will be your last. Don't think about February test. After taking the December test decide on whether studying for another 2 months will help you by much-Remember you need to write the personal statement if you haven't. Only if you think this is needed should you proceed to taking the February test as your last resort. However, if you think you can wait another cycle stop after the December test. Study for five more months and take it in June making it your 3rd try and submit your application early in September. Remember, you have 3 tries within the 2 year window. Good luck!
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    just keep in mind you used up one take, if you feel like you're not ready for Dec don't take it and waste a take with only 1 more to get what you want is it really worth it? a year off is not a bad thing, as long as you do something with your year off it won't hurt you
  • psbrathwaitepsbrathwaite Member
    207 karma
    Even if I'm turning 25 on february second?
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    edited November 2014 1294 karma
    Hi ps. I would give it all I have until next week. Keep drilling, reviewing mistakes, and repeat. This is my strategy, and I have 5 prep tests remaining with drill periods in between and full blind review of all my answers. I'm also not scoring high enough, (high 150s) but I'm just going to give it my best and hope I can reach 160-162 threshold by next week. If you're really eager to get accepted this admission cycle, then maybe look at the prospective law schools you would like to attend and take into account their lsat avg? I've personally seen people get accepted with 155-159 scores.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Free Trial
    578 karma
    I'm thinking of changing to February too. Just work harder this time! Don't sell yourself short by getting 150 on December. Work hard and get a 170 on February. True, law schools mostly accept December but they'll never turn their backs on a 170 lsater
  • Gladiator_2017Gladiator_2017 Yearly Member
    1332 karma
    I took the September exam not feeling 100% confident and cancelled my score. I discovered 7sage in October and signed up for the December exam. My plan was to start Fall 2015. I'm not scoring anywhere near my target score and had to face the harsh reality (on Thanksgiving Day) that I could take the December exam, start in the Fall, but not attend my first choice. It's a really hard decision to make, but depending on the circumstances postponing might be the best choice. I'm continuing to study and plan on taking the June exam.

    I turn 27 in two weeks, and my hope was to be done with school by 30/31, but hey.... One year won't make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
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