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Is it worth it to read the questions for RC first.

kiamesha.stewartkiamesha.stewart Alum Member
edited November 2014 in Reading Comprehension 4 karma
A lot of people seem to suggest this, but JY doesn't during the question review videos. Do you feel it's worth it or is it a major time suck?


  • pjanderson5pjanderson5 Free Trial Member
    238 karma
    Major time suck, no benefit whatsoever. Use the time to read and understand the passage
  • alexroark5alexroark5 Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    edited November 2014 812 karma
    Agreed with PJ, the answer is definitely no. The most important thing is to get a good read. The LSAT passages try to lose you with multiple viewpoints, embedded clauses/modifiers, referential phrasing etc. I love sports, grew up an athlete my whole life and so when I read a passage the general mentality I like to adopt, which makes it more fun (well as fun as RC can be I suppose), and which helps me stay motivated and focused, is that I am Darrelle Revis, and the RC passage is Calvin Johnson, and I'm thinking the whole time, I'm with you, I'm right here, you haven't lost me, I'm all over you!!! haha
  • yalnajiyalnaji Free Trial Member
    4 karma
    haha alex that is amazing.
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