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Tip for improving RC

KK Free Trial Member
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Just something I've been doing a lot lately that I think might help some ppl out.

I commute every day to work, so I leave in the morning and my dad drops me off at the train station and then I ride the train to work. (it really freaking sucks spending 2 hrs 45 min a day commuting!!!)

Using my smartphone, I usually read articles related to tech or science on the train, and as I read I try ask myself questions like "what was the author's purpose in mentioning _______" or "what function does the word _________ serve in this sense" as I go through each article. When you're reading try to do the fool proof method JY talked about where you ingrain the main point of each paragraph in your mind. Then, at the end of the article, ask yourself MSS and inference type questions. Be creative!

I find most of these articles through and search for new science, tech, or world news type articles.

I am sure that most of these articles are not of the caliber presented on the LSAT but just reinforcing the methodology used to go through a LSAT passage is VERY helpful.

When I first started studying for RC I found it tough to get through so much material but now I am relieved when I turn the page to the next section and see a passage. Hopefully you will also like the RC section more if you read some articles. The general knowledge you gain might even be helpful on the test!

I remember some people asking what sort of magazines they can read that might help them. Using something like google news is really simple and if you have a smartphone or a tablet and internet access you can build your RC skills on the go!


  • EuripidesFanEuripidesFan Free Trial Member
    edited August 2013 83 karma
    I have also found that book reviews, and even some movie reviews, are strikingly similar in the tone, style, and complexity found in many RC passages. Something about the abstract analysis applied to an art form that is found in such reviews is, I think, what accounts for that similarity.

    Reviews in the New Yorker (generally free, unlike their full-length pieces), the Economist, Nytimes, and WSJ are all very useful to practice with, though obviously great reviews can be found outside these publications.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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    The Economists' Science articles. They're so similar I feel like they're written by LSAT writers.
  • kraft.phillipkraft.phillip Free Trial Member Inactive Sage
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    Woah, I just read some articles from the economist. It is eerily similar. Thanks!
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