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Same score for the 2nd LSAT..any tip for retaking December LSAT?

CLCL Free Trial Member
edited October 2013 in General 5 karma
I got 152 October 2012 when I was a senior in college. This score was almost what I expected (a little below) because I knew I was not applying that year.. I didn't prepare that much.
And I took my second LSAT last October and got 152. This was totally unexpected because I expected 159-163. But I was so nervous in game section and messed up (I guessed almost 10 questions in game section).
I am retaking December LSAT. I am pretty confident that I will score about 5 to 10 points long as I don't get too nervous as I did before. Even though I got 10 more points, that is still under 165 which was my ultimate goal....
Any tip for retaking third LSAT??
I processed two recommendations and transcript, and I am working with my personal statement. Should I go for ED with 152? Or should i just wait for December score and apply then?
Also, I heard that law school applicants are keep declining... would that increase the probability of admission this year??
I was so discouraged this morning after I received my score :( :(.... Please help!


  • marshall weltonmarshall welton Free Trial Member
    10 karma
    I am in the same boat with a 151 and 152. With only one more chance I might just apply and see what happens then maybe take in Feb. I couldn't believe that I did so horrible in the last LR section. I know it was a tough one but still. Plus I am out of recent PTs.
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Free Trial Member
    136 karma
    Marshall, same here. I bombed my second LR by missing 10 questions here. But I was lucky enough to bump my score by 6 pts..and I also have run out of PTs...
    just do them again anyways. get a rhythm it helps you

    CL, what are your target schools? I also want to apply first but I don't know if I should wait until my December score comes out..
  • marshall weltonmarshall welton Free Trial Member
    10 karma
    so you got a 162 in 2013?
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Free Trial Member
    136 karma
    Marshall if you were asking me, yes i got a 162
  • DadofThreeDadofThree Alum Member
    3 karma
    Having played Division I football during under grad i did not prepare for LSAT first time and scored horribly 10 years ago.Did not take school serious, big regret. I need a 146/147 to be accepted into law school next fall of 2014. 10 years later and 3 kids and owner of business, iam giving the ole college try again. I need some seriois advice. Please HELP!!!
  • CLCL Free Trial Member
    5 karma
    I was targeting BU/BC..or may be UIUC but all these seem too unlikely for my status right now. I graduated top10 college and it is really hard for me to accept this situation. I think I should study really hard for a month and hope to bump my score by at least 8 pts on December LSAT. Would that be possible? Considering I was really really nervous during the entire exam, I may be able to ace game section annd bump my score. this is my last hope...
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Free Trial Member
    136 karma
    CL, don't put too much pressure on yourself. What is your undergrad GPA? Under the current climate getting into UIUC I believe is a lot more easier than the past. And they've been dropping pretty quick (not sure if that's a good or bad sign for you though)..

    8 pts bump is not impossible as long as you see the patterns of the questions. you might wanna buy a book or get a tutor..
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