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Does Anyone Else Have This Problem

tsamvelyantsamvelyan Alum Member
edited December 2014 in General 431 karma
I just want to know if other people have this same issue and what methods you used to overcome it: I know the LR concepts pretty well, and when I take un-timed tests, I do really well without spending a lot of time on the questions (as much as I would spend under timed conditions). But, when I take the actual test, I get considerably more questions wrong. When I do the blind review, I usually don't look at the answer I picked, I go back to the question (on a second set of the same test without any marks) and read the question again and most of the time (8/10) I get the correct answer and I look at the answer I picked during the exam and it makes no sense to me. Is this me? Am I going nuts? :/


  • Kimber77Kimber77 Alum Member
    30 karma
    Do you think it might be nerves? Or maybe seeing the questions a second time around you catch things that you didn't catch before because you are more familiar the second time. This has happened to me too a bunch of times and I don't really understand it either. Another thing I realize I do is during the games I will accidentally make up a letter/ game piece that doesn't even exist, like add L to the list of letters when there is no L, or write a letter that looks like another letter.. Other than that I can easily get them all right, so its really frustrating because its such a stupid thing for that to be my problem. When I know I'm not being timed I don't do this. I have no idea why I do this.. I think for me it might have to do with pressure. But I don't know maybe I'm nuts too haha. I'm curious if anyone else has this problem but I doubt it lol
  • tsamvelyantsamvelyan Alum Member
    431 karma
    That makes two us, I guess lol. I think mine is a combination of nerves and I think I tend to read the questions more "tensly" when I'm being timed. But, I feel like that affects my reasoning skills which is f**** crucial. For the games, a good rule of thumb that I use, whenever I'm writing down the conditions, I try to make inferences if I can, that way, when you try to make an inference you automatically have to look at the condition again. But, I don't have that problem with games.
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