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165 score in June ;165 score in November: What to Do? Another Retake?

25Seamus25Seamus Member
edited December 2018 in General 93 karma


So I just received my November LSAT score back and I am pretty disappointed: I got a 165, again. I took the LSAT for the first time and scored a 165 on the June 2018 administration.

Now, part of the reason I am pretty disappointed is because I felt really good about the November test and spent months studying with 7Sage. So this has me thinking: Is it worth taking it again in the Spring (to try to increase scholarships) or should I just accept 165 is my limit? I'm guessing it would look bad to have three LSATs all with the score of 165.

For more info, I have a 3.9+ GPA. The breakdown of November's test is:
-0 LG
-2 LR Section
-7 LR (all these were Question 16 and onward. I've never done so poorly before on a LR section. I don't know what happened.)
-8 RC (again, I've never done so poorly before on a RC section..)

My normal practice test score was a 169 and BR was a 174. Should I give it another go or just accept the 165 as a good indication of my ability? Is 3 times taking the LSAT too much? Thanks for your help and congratulations to everyone who did well on the November administration!


  • michael_theodoremichael_theodore Alum Member
    edited December 2018 253 karma

    What are the medians for your target schools?

  • 25Seamus25Seamus Member
    edited December 2018 93 karma

    I'm above all the GPA medians and at the LSAT median for my dream school.

  • michael_theodoremichael_theodore Alum Member
    253 karma

    @25Seamus If that’s the case, I think you should apply now. However, if a higher LSAT score is a condition for greater scholarship opportunities, I’d say take the January LSAT.

  • 25Seamus25Seamus Member
    93 karma

    @michael_theodore thank you for the advice! I had contacted this school's admissions office back in August and they suggested I applied then, which I did. So thankfully I should be hearing back from them shortly. Yes, to try to get some more scholarship $$, I think I will! Cannot hurt!

  • SupernoviceSupernovice Alum Member
    323 karma

    I'd apply now. Totally agree with @michael_theodore.

  • 25Seamus25Seamus Member
    93 karma

    @Supernovice thank you!

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