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What I can bring into test center tomorrow

lbalestrierilbalestrieri Alum Member
edited December 2014 in General 110 karma
I've been looking online for awhile for the answer, and I can't find one, so I thought that I would ask here. I am on prescribed medications, one of them being for ADHD. I am supposed to take it twice a day, which means I should be taking it during the break during the exam tomorrow. Are we allowed to bring medication into the test center? I would hate to have to suddenly alter my medication schedule the day of the test and not be able to focus as well. And if I do, does it have to be in a prescription bottle? I don't really want everyone knowing what I am taking by seeing the bottle, but then again I know that some people abuse these types of medications, and I don't want to be accused of that and get into some trouble without proof of a prescription. Any insights or past experiences would be appreciated!


  • harrismeganharrismegan Legacy Member
    2074 karma
    I have this question too. I'm bringing tylenol and a caffeine pill.
    I think it's okay because it's not written in the section about what you can't bring. I also think that as long as it fits into your gallon bag, and that you don't touch the bag unless in a time specified for your to do so (during your break), you should be fine.
  • veirshunterveirshunter Alum Member
    26 karma
    They don't pat you down or anything like that. You have your break you can take your meds. Put them in your coat or jacket or jean pocket.
  • JustinGrahamJustinGraham Alum Member
    46 karma
    I'd be willing to bet that 50%+ of the room will have them on their person or in the bag.
    Just bring it in an old bottle and leave the bottle in the car if you're worried about getting pulled over without the persciption bottle
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