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Just completed the diagnostic PT of the CC, where should I go from here? Advice needed!

ChiChi55ChiChi55 Alum Member
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Some background information first: I took the LSAT in November and received a 155. I had been studying on my own for 6+ months and with a tutor for two of those months. My PT's then were averaging 157 but I did not follow the same BR method as 7Sage. My goal LSAT score at the time was a 164 or higher (although then I didn't think either was possible).

On the diagnostic PT I received an actual score of 159 and a BR score of 164. This is how my sections on the actual played out:
LG- 96%, 22/23
LR1- 72%, 18/25
LR2- 80%, 20/25
RC- 63%, 17/27

Given this score, I feel like I could really improve to even a 170 if I really put my mind to it (I hope I'm not being overly optimistic).

Obviously, RC and LR are my weakness. The harder questions, usually Q's 17+, are also consistently wrong. I am still planning on completing the CC but I want any and all tips, opinions, study schedule, advice, etc.on how to move forward with my studies to really maximize my score.
When BR do you BR every question or just the ones you circled? Also, when writing out each Q do you also write an explanation of the mistake you made the first time so not to make it again?
Any tips for while studying/going through the CC? Should I have review days or anything of the sort?
How can I get these harder Q's right on the first time?

Any and all tips are appreciated!! So happy I found 7Sage and this community! Thanks.

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