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How many times can you take the LSAT before law schools discredit your score?

vivilifeevivilifee Free Trial Member
in General 14 karma

I'm torn between taking the March LSAT or postponing it..
I already sat for a LSAT last year and received 163.
My recent pt scores have ranged between 164~170 and the average is around 167..
My BR scores are around 173~177..
My goal score is 171~174.
Should I take a chance and take the March LSAT or should I postpone and take the June LSAT?
If I do take the March test and fail to get the score I'm hoping for I plan to take the June one for the third time. Any advice would be appreciated.

March LSAT
  1. Take the March LSAT or postpone?18 votes
    1. Take the March LSAT
    2. Postpone


  • CantStopWontStopCantStopWontStop Alum Member
    1270 karma

    3 times is not a problem. I probably would take sign up for June anyways since the test is going digital and that would be an extra adjustment. Have fun tomorrow and take June anyways! 3 is really not a problem

  • Lawster9Lawster9 Alum Member
    393 karma

    I don't think 3 scores will hurt you... However, it does seem unlikely (although not impossible) that you will hit your target score if you take the test tomorrow, being that you have not yet achieved that score on a PT. Good luck on whatever you end up doing!

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    Generally schools start to care after 6-7 takes. Keep in mind though, the paradigm for LSAT frequency is going to change drastically over the next two years.

    Moving to electronic is going to allow for immediate score turnaround and several more test administrations per year. I don’t think it will be uncommon in the next few years and onward for students to take 5 or more times.

    The real cost in the past to taking the test multiple times was
    1) scores were averaged
    2) test was offered a few times per year

    Both of these are not the case anymore. First of all, USNews only counts a student’s highest test score. And secondly, the test will be offered more similarly to the GRE in the near future, with administrations happening bi-weekly or at the very least monthly.

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