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Retake: Core Curriculum or PTs (with BR)

Leon-on-the-LsatLeon-on-the-Lsat Monthly Member
edited March 2019 in June 2019 LSAT 326 karma

Hi everyone,
I am Leon, a new 7 Sager. Hope everyone did or will do well on the March LSAT!
As the March LSAT just ended here (in Taiwan), I knew I was not fully prepared so will go for a retake. I have some concerns about which 7 sage package I should choose. I am currently around 155-160 and aims for high 160s (yeah a low 170s will be great but I am trying to not give myself too much stress). As my time is ticking and my budget was somewhat limited (I worked full-time while studying LSAT). So I am considering between the basic package and the premium one.

  1. My concern was to what extent the core curriculum was different between these two packages? (LR part only)
    When I used the 7 sage schedule planner, the two schedule showed different courses corresponding to my selected package. I thought the starter also cover all the courses and the differences were more about other parts like question crack tips. (My strongest part has been LG (-2 to -4). As to RC, the result of my whole-day internet research suggested that RC was not what most people recommend when they choose 7 sage package. So for now my main focus was about the LR courses in each package.)

  2. Should I manage to go through the LR courses or I should focus on on thorough BR reviews and doing PTs?
    On a LR section, I usually got -8 on average with a 2 pt variation. In BR, it's usually about -5 (for I was sometimes overconfident for some type of questions so I even did not notice my lack of skills/understanding on certain easier questions; other times, I missed some basic level questions because I misread the given stimulus.) Thus, I felt my weakness was not on a particular Q type of question (esp. from Q 1-12, my errors were always here and there.) But it was more like an overall LR weakness.

I have finished the bible, manhattan, and the trainer. Also, I made a sheet for my attack plan on each question type. But, somehow the question stimulus can always gave me difficulties and ACs could be really confusing regardless of how much I tried to refine my attack method. I am guess it was because I was not paying enough attention to dissect and REALLY understand each stimulus and its argument types and structure. I want to go thorough all of the 7 sage LR courses, but it might cost me too much time. Then I won't have time to really plow through a good amount of PTs. But I am also not sure about how helpful the LR courses were in helping my LR scores.

Would really appreciate any advice/suggestion since no one I knew studied for LSAT here!

Thanks a lot.

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