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Law and AI

Andrew AlterioAndrew Alterio Alum Member
in General 394 karma

Anyone else worried about going to law school and then, with the advent of AI, not finding a job? I have seen various studied and predictions about the pace of AI's growth and dominance, but I'm not sure what to believe...
If there is a real threat to law careers, which field in law would be the least susceptible to that threat?

Law and AI
  1. Are you concerned that AI will overtake law jobs?31 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Unsure


  • Cachi2719Cachi2719 Alum Member
    176 karma

    I have thought about this,and I think the possibility is definitely real . However, people still need to feel comfortable with robots taking on their legal cases. I think it really depends on the assimilation of society to the new technology, how fast or slow people become fine with the idea

  • xenonhexafluoroxenonhexafluoro Alum Member
    428 karma

    I think it's more likely that AI will creep up on the field, starting at more paralegal/secretary type tasks. There are also claims that some e-discovery software on the market currently use AI. It's certainly hard to conceive of AI taking over advocacy.

  • wfsuper111wfsuper111 Member
    5 karma

    I’ve been thinking about the possibility of making an AI LSAT solver... I think that will be an interesting step forward in the field of AI legal reasoning...

  • AndriiOnyskoAndriiOnysko Alum Member
    edited April 2019 62 karma

    I would say that the threat is not the AI but the automation and computerization of legal profession. I work in the law office for more then two years and started noticing that many clients make patent filings themselves due to various software that enables you to do it without the help of an attorney. Many states, e.g. California have a very convenient systems of e-filing court documents with tons of templates for various motions. I filed my first civil claim without even going to law school recently. Corporate filings with states are done by clients and not attorneys anymore because they are so easy to do online now. I would say there is definitely a lot of clerical/secretary work being chipped off from legal practice, but it gets hard to predict what will happen to attorneys work. This whole thing actually worries me a lot. The best that can happen is decrease in the cost of legal services and volume of work the worst - replacement of legal profession by AI.

  • studyingandrestudyingstudyingandrestudying Core Member
    5254 karma

    I think there's going to be more tech use, but I don't think it's going to take over for humans.

  • Andrew AlterioAndrew Alterio Alum Member
    394 karma

    The consensus seems to be that AI and automation will only augment the law industry, particularly the lower level, menial tasks, but won't usurp the necessity of lawyers in society.
    I've been calmed :) Back to LSAT studying

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