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How do you deal with the questions you got wrong on the course?

KingQueenofLSATKingQueenofLSAT Alum Member
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Hi 7sagers!
Today was my bad day! I had a lot of questions wrong on the course.
I used to just make it sure that I understood why I was mistaken for wrong questions and why the correct answer choices were correct.
But I honestly think it’s less likely through this way that I will get such questions right next time I happen to revisit them.
So I wonder if you guys have any good methods to review difficult questions or important lessons on the course.
I am also curious if you ever solve the questions you got wrong on the course again and if you do, how!


  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
    2227 karma

    What question type(s) did you struggle with the most? All mistakes are learning opportunities, so take advantage of the extra learning material and room for growth by fully reviewing and revisiting lessons from the CC. Review is more than just watching a video explanation and telling yourself "yea that makes sense." Break down the question completely. Label different parts of the stimulus, and jot down what the question stem type requires of you for that question. When you have more experience with the test you can write out what is wrong with each answer choice and "fix" them. That is especially useful for parallel method/parallel flaw questions.

    You should always begin LR questions by identifying the question type and breaking down the stimulus and labeling the premises and conclusion of the argument. From there, you need to figure out what is wrong with the argument, and the correct answer will be some sort of iteration of that missing link. For non-argument question types, absorb the premises and get a clear sense of what is provable or very likely given what you've just read. Do this before looking at the answer choices. Review is a good opportunity to fully engage in each of these steps because you are no longer being rushed by the clock. If you are still unsure/incorrect after giving it your best, you can watch the video explanations and should flag the question so you can return to it later.

  • PrincessPrincess Alum Member
    821 karma

    Hey! I try to just star the questions or print them off if they bother me a lot. This way, I can keep track of the questions and review them often in my binder. Otherwise, I guess you could try to take a screenshot and just save it onto your computer to review. Usually, I find the star option to be helpful though.

  • AutumnMoon88AutumnMoon88 Alum Member
    65 karma

    I'm not far into the CC yet but what I have been doing is printing out every question I struggle with so I can review it later. What I have noticed so far when reviewing these questions is that I mostly get them right at a later time after I've let the concepts sink in. If I get them wrong on the review session, I print them again and keep them in a pile to review again later. I also go back to the lessons and practice questions.

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