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Study schedule leading up to June 2019 LSAT

trashstudenttrashstudent Alum Member
in June 2019 LSAT 61 karma

I've done some number crunching and determined the rest of my schedule for leading up to the June 2019 LSAT (~27 days away). I am studying full-time currently. I am currently fool-proofing logic games and have about 90 hours of logic game study left. This makes my study schedule as follows:

Now until May 22nd: Logic Games fool-proofing
May 23rd to June 1st: 6 full-length practice tests (one full day for a test and one full day for each review)
June 2nd: rest day
June 3rd: LSAT

Does 7Sage think I should change my schedule up leading up in June LSAT?


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    edited May 2019 23929 karma


    Hard to say without more detail. Have you completed the CC?

    How close are you to your score goal on your PTs? What’s your BR score look like in relation to your timed scores? Will those 6 PTs be all the tests you take?

    I don’t think taking 1 PT per day is a good idea. You’re just testing yourself with little or no time for improving and learning from your prior tests. It’s also a recipe for burnout.

    Schedules are good. But I think over-engineering your prep can be detrimental. It’s hard to know or project what you’ll find out you need to work on from a future PT. And if you can somehow project that, then you should probably be drilling those things instead of taking another PT.

    I think your issue right now with your schedule is you’re setting your goal to do X number of hours and X number of tests by a certain date. Instead, you really would be better served letting your scores inform how many hours you should allocate to a certain section or how many tests you should take.

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