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I want to cry

There is nothing of substance in this post I just really felt the need to say HOLY F**K I AM SO NERVOUS I WANT TO THROW UP


  • Gee-dawgGee-dawg Member
    edited May 2019 319 karma

    If it was easy then everyone would do it. Come’n, you got this! 💪🏽

    71 karma

    you got this. we got this! it'll all be worth it when its finaly over

  • RosenkranzRosenkranz Alum Member
    105 karma

    Self-care is more important than any test, but that doesn't mean that one comes as the expense of the other. Take a break for a day and wade back into it. But also, please get enough sleep, enough socialization, enough food and enough exercise. Not only will this calm your nerves and increase your performance, you'll also just enjoy life more.

  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
    2124 karma

    You've put in the work. It's time to show the LSAT what you're made of. Breathe, it will all work out.

  • cris1222cris1222 Member
    186 karma

    I know this feeling, please keep your head-up. This is hard, I completely understand and seems unbeatable. If you believe in a higher force, please pray. If you don't, then just have faith in your inner-self. You can do this!

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