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Should I take the July test if I'm not scoring where I want to be?

I figure that the July test is almost a gimme since I can cancel if my score is not great. But I'm about one month out and still 4-5 points from where I'd like to be.

Take July and plan to cancel or wait for September?
  1. Take July and plan to cancel or wait for September?50 votes
    1. July
    2. September


  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
    2186 karma

    Can't vote for both but I say sign up for both. Mostly because you can cancel after seeing your score but also because July could be a good way to see how the digital test feels (if you get selected).

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    edited June 2019 815 karma

    You would have to fork out more money to change the test date. If you wanted a refund, you would only get $50 back. At this point, it is probably better to take the July test and see your results; than determine whether you want to keep or cancel your score.

    Also, if you do cancel your July score; you get 1 "free" LSAT registration for any test after the September test. All in all, there's just so many benefits to doing the July test and since you have already registered; I don't think it'd be smart - money wise to move/request a refund.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    I am in a similar boat. I'm still taking July. It gives me a possible opportunity to try out the new digital system, and worst case scenario, I have a cancel on my record (that A LOT of people will probably have, too), and I get to go in the fall for free. Total win to me.
    That being said... you may want to rethink September. It is too close to score release from July to use the freebie (registration ends the 1st, scores wont be released till the 4th?). The earliest we could use the freebie is October. But, I guess you could always pay for September and hold onto the freebie for later just in case.

  • Mario RoboMario Robo Alum Member
    266 karma

    I think take July especially because you are pretty close to your target score and there is 4 more weeks for you to improve. If you don't improve at all by the time the test date rolls around then maybe withdraw, but I think it's good idea to take even if scoring a few points below your target because of the free cancellation and the next time you might not have as much test day anxiety.

  • 246 karma

    I don’t see any downside to July. If you do bad, just cancel and sit for September. Even if you do bad, you could still potentially be exposed to the digital format on actual test day which would be a big plus in my opinion.

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