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Should I Apply with the LSAT I'm Expecting? Should I Take the OCT?

aapierce03aapierce03 Alum Member

I'm currently studying for the September LSAT and I've been averaging a score of 159-160 on my last several practice tests. On one hand I'm proud of myself and excited because 160 was my initial goalpost when I started my admissions journey back in May. I also know that combined with my other stats, a 160 could yield great admissions results. However, I worry that if I do score the 160 as I'm averaging, I may not be accepted to some programs I want and/or won't receive a good amount in scholarships. All that is to say I'm wondering if I should apply with my average score (if I end up scoring that way) or if I should sign up for the Oct LSAT in hopes of a better score?

I'm applying to programs ranging in the 150s rankings to T14.
I have a 4.0 GPA, majored in Political Science, have a legal internship, high honors, owned a small business at the start of college, and have worked all throughout college.


  • aapierce03aapierce03 Alum Member
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    Also trying to consider the possibility of forfeiting $222 if I sign up for Oct but decide to apply with my Sept score.

  • AlexLSAT.AlexLSAT. Alum Member
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    If you're shooting for a T14, a 160 is most likely not going to result in admission. There obviously are exceptions to this and you could totally end up getting in with a good scholarship (especially with your GPA).

    I would say it just depends on your target school. I know you said your range was T14 to the 150s, but would you prefer the T14 schools you're targeting over the 150s? If so, I think shooting a little higher on your LSAT (165-170) will give you a lot higher chance at admission + $$$. If you're more set on going to a school outside of the T14 with a median around a 160, then I see no need to continue taking the LSAT unless you have a really bad September test.

  • mikalyn.greenzweigmikalyn.greenzweig Live Member
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