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Today is Sept 3. How do I plan out this month for Oct LSAT?

KK Member
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Currently on PT 57.

Due to time limitations I am taking every 1-2 LSATs as full length timed, and doing the in-betweens as timed sections. Devoting time to BR is also demanding so I make sure I have enough time to attend to both BR and taking timed tests/sections.

I'm currently scoring about 170-172 before BR. I managed to get 180 after BR on PT 56. My biggest weakness is still LR.

I have the entire month of September to devote towards this test. How can I make the final push for as high of a score as possible? Due to circumstances my goal is basically a 180 or as close to it as possible. This is my only chance for getting into one of the lower of the T14 schools.

I'm going over questions I got wrong and understanding what I did wrong. I'm also going over lessons from the syllabus when I find that a certain type of question is giving me a lot of trouble. Current weakness is LR where I am still getting many questions wrong.

With that in mind, how should I schedule my studying for this month? This is the final assault and I'm finding it VERY hard to increase score.


  • kraft.phillipkraft.phillip Member Inactive Sage
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    I'm curious, could you explicate more on what you mean by "taking every 1-2 LSATs as full length timed, and doing the in-betweens as timed sections."?

    I'm stuck at the top of the 160's and testing in October as well. I'll be watching this thread to see what suggestions others have. Best of Luck!

    This is what I'm doing:
    I'm on PT 53. I'm taking 3 PTs a week (every other day) and blind reviewing them. I do the test as early in the day as I can, and I've found it's really important to do all my blind reviewing the same day that I take the test.

    Given my weaknesses, on my non-PT days (at least for the next week, maybe longer) I'm doing what one instructor calls "marathons" of LG one day, RC another day. This consists of 5 or more sections of the same section type, timed, and then reviewed without any external explanations, then another section once you've perfected the previous, rinse, repeat.
  • KK Member
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    I don't always have 4 hours to devote to take full length test in a stretch.

    So I take one or two sections from a PT timed, and then review them later. I do the other two sections the next day. But on weekends I try to do full length PT in 4 hrs
  • JSJS Member
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    Your score is impressive and amazing.
    I have done all PT from 46 to 66 and left last three for the last week.
    Now I am doing PT from 36 to 45 and I am around 167-169 now.
    I am quite hesitate to take the October test cuz I won't take it unless I got stable score beyond 173...
  • KK Member
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    Same I want to confidently score a little higher pre-BR but progress is really slow...

    I started using a watch after I saw Dean's post. It has helped me with skipping questions. If it takes more than 1.5 min I skip it and come back to it.
  • Samar KhanSamar Khan Member
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    I'm also taking the October LSAT. I'm scoring around 165 almost consistently, but my goal is low-170s. I'm taking about 3 practice tests a week, with 7Sage lessons on the other days (I'm about 65% through the lessons).

    I have a lot of practice tests printed out, and I'm planning to do some days like kraft.phillip mentioned, where I concentrate on just one section for some days.

    Any advice that people have to raise my score quickly would be greatly appreciated!
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