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LSAT price increase and new "packages"

Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I was perusing the fees on the LSAC site and noticed some fee changes as well as important info about retaking the LSAT:

What would it cost if I only wanted to retake the multiple-choice portion of the LSAT and not LSAT Writing?
Candidates who are eligible to retake the LSAT would pay $190 through the registration period for the July 2019 LSAT which ends June 4, 2019. Candidates would pay $200 beginning with the registration period for the September 2019 LSAT (May 16 through August 1, 2019). That price is good through the registration period for the April 2020 test. There is no discount for not taking LSAT Writing, but if you have already provided a writing sample, it is not necessary to do so again.

It looks like the LSAT cost is going up to $200 beginning with the September administration. The fee includes the writing portion, which is becoming a take-home style section. LSAC has also stated that you only need to have 1 writing sample on your record going forward, and the older style that is hand-written on test day counts for that if you already have done it. So if you re-take the LSAT, you do not need to re-take the writing section. However, if you opt not to do another writing sample, there is no discount from the $200 LSAT fee. Since the writing portion is now administered separately from the multiple choice test, you may take it as a stand alone for $15.

It looks like they are also instituting "packages" with CAS that provide a slight discount. CAS is $195, Law School Reports are $45 and, as mentioned, LSAT is $200. The following packages are available:

LSAT (w/writing), CAS, 1 Law School Report = $430 ($10 savings)
LSAT (w/writing), CAS, 6 Law School Reports = $650 ($15 savings)


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