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are the 620 newest questions real MBE?

dodgydavedodgydave Member
in Bar 56 karma

When I hover over the newest 620 question, it says "They closely reflect the style of the MBE." I assume these are still real questions?


  • moocow314moocow314 Alum Member
    edited June 2019 140 karma

    I believe all the questions in the Question Bank, including the newest 620, are licensed, real questions released by the NCBE (OPE refers to "Online Practice Exam," which are actual NCBE products).

    I think the "[t]hey closely reflect the style of the MBE" just means that these newer questions, compared to the older ones, are probably a more accurate reflection of what the MBE is like now. In other words, on the actual exam, you're more likely to see a question similar to one of the newer ones, compared to an old question from 1995 or something.

    (But someone with more knowledge can obviously correct me if I'm totally wrong)

  • sururfatemasururfatema Alum Member
    28 karma

    Is there a way to "take a whole exam" or do we just have to click through question by question? Thanks!

  • Akhazai27Akhazai27 Member
    1 karma

    Where can I utilize this site? I was offered some free trial but nada works. Thanks

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