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Digital Format Blind Review Questions

hurdlehopper101hurdlehopper101 Alum Member
edited July 2019 in General 102 karma

Is it possible to get both scores after grading the digital PT (timed and BRd score)?**

For instance, If you take the exam, go back to flagged questions to BR (having not selected "Show Results"), do those questions and then score the exam, which score(s) do you get?

My BR score will only comprise questions I reviewed that were flagged and questions I flagged because I did not get to or skipped them.

What is your method for going back to confidence-error questions? I will not include them in my BR score but since I click "Show Results" I will not be able to go back to the digital exam to do these questions again right?

Do you use the "Quick View" method to review these questions?

Also, in order to know which questions are flagged/not flagged, would it be a good idea to write down the questions that were flagged when BR digitally so that I could be made aware of which questions were confidence-error and which ones were flagged?

For the questions I did flag, would it be best to write the question numbers down during BR so that I can check to see whether or not I got the flagged questions right or wrong after I completed BR and click "Show Results"?

I have not really explored digital that much and just want to make sure I can take some precautionary measures before starting my digital PT and prep practice.

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