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157 after in-person prep course. Starter or ultimate to get high 160s in 3 months studying full-time

Woodsy_567Woodsy_567 Member
edited July 2019 in General 257 karma

Is access to the harder problem sets necessary to break into the 160s? Strongest section right now is LR (averaging -5). Thank you!


  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
    2227 karma

    Problem sets are nice, but I had a lot of drill work without even really doing that many of the harder sets. Between recycling through 150-200 logic games, individual section practice, and deep blind review I had everything I needed. I did love the ultimate package and thought the price was generous for the amount of content and access time included. You get every single PT ever released. The PTs themselves are where you spend much of your time in the later stages of your prep.

    The starter package has the CC and you can purchase PTs individually through 7sage. The CC is pretty long and shouldn't be skipped even if you did a prep course already. If you are actively working out the problems and then listening to the video explanation of a question you are improving, even if you already know the mechanics of a certain question type.

    I guess it just comes down to how long you are willing to study to get to your goal score. If you are stuck in the mid 160s trying to get those last few points, and feel you could improve with 3 extra months, would you be willing to pay extra to extend access time and purchase more PTs? The Ultimate package includes everything you need when it comes to content and time access.

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