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Do I need to BR if I already have extra time to review answers in the first place?

quagmirequagmire Alum Member
edited May 2020 in General 96 karma

I'm working through the CC and I frequently have time during the problem sets to BR any questions that I've flagged. I've been using the extra time to go back on questions I'm not sure about. There have been times were I have been able to clarify my reasoning for AC being right/wrong and reach certainty but when I can't reach 100% certainty it isn't due to a lack of time, but rather a knowledge gap. Given this should I still be blind reviewing?



  • The JudgesThe Judges Free Trial Member
    364 karma

    I BR ed and I also just reviewed my advice is early in your studying BR but once you have taken 20+ tests just review it saves time and allows you to get back to working on your weak points quicker. BR is a good way to internalize the learning but after 20+ tests you kind of know what is going on and benefit more from specific practice of your weaknesses than redoing then going over every question you were not sure about because during test day you will be unsure and its best to get used to the feeling of not being certain with an answer.

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