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LSAT Retake Conundrum! International LSAT vs. September LSAT (travel issues, score improvement etc)

Hi! I took the LSAT in January 2019 and scored a 156 . I was a nervous wreck about logic games but I tried my best. I ended up on 6 waitlists at t20s (I knew it was a long shot) and was ultimately rejected from all but 2, which I have not heard from yet. I’ve been studying for a retake and am very scared that my score won’t improve by much due to my inability to finish a LG section. I’m gonna buckle down but there’s a chance that I won’t be prepared by September to retake the LSAT (if my score doesn’t improve a ton). I’ll be out of the country starting in mid-october for work so the more attractive alternative is to wait until January when I can travel to Europe from Africa for the retake since coming to the US for the November LSAT would be cost prohibitive and draining (although I’m willing to make sacrifices if it comes down to it). I’m mulling over these options and wonder what I should do: register for the September LSAT and try my best? Or wait until January to retake? How much of a disadvantage would I be in if I apply late in the cycle versus applying earlier with a potentially weaker score? Do you think there’s still time to turn things around for a marked score improvement by September? Should I submit my apps in the fall no matter what? Etc etc. Sorry for being long winded but these questions are driving me nuts; please help!

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