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My school doesn’t have A minuses...will this screw my CAS GPA?

dodlaw11dodlaw11 Alum Member

Just learned how the CAS GPA system works. My school unfortunately has not had A minuses throughout my last 3 years of undergrad, and therefore, there’s quite a few 91-92% type B+ grades on my transcript that will come in looking lower on the CAS GPA I screwed here? Do I need a weakness addendum ready? Looking at mostly T14 schools and already teeter on the edge of most medians before the CAS Calc...


  • johnwashere31johnwashere31 Free Trial Member
    41 karma

    What school gives you a B+ for 91-92%?? I'm sorry to hear that but unfortunately whatever shows up on your official transcript is what will be counted. B+ will count as a 3.3, A- 3.7, A 4.0, A+ 4.3 and so on.
    For instance, my school doesn't give A+s or credit above a 4.0, so when I studied abroad and got an A+ it only counted as a 4.0 for my university GPA, but since it shows as an A+ on my official transcript it'll count as a 4.33 for CAS purposes.
    I don't think you would necessarily need an addendum considering the fact that law schools have an idea of how universities distribute their grades. Just like your university has that policy, others don't have A-s and would give you an A for anything 90%+, some let the professors decide if they want to give A- or A for 90%, etc. Just focus on the LSAT going forward.
    If your LSAT isn't at least in the 25% of your target school you'll have an uphill battle, regardless of your GPA.
    Overall, don't sweat it and focusing on getting a high LSAT score.

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