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LSAT Study Buddy for September exam

SaraFromOCSaraFromOC Member
in July 2019 LSAT 148 karma

I'm taking the test in September, and I'm trying to really crack down so I can break my plateau and increase to where I want to be. It always helps to talk out certain questions and discuss study methods and techniques, so if anyone is in Orange County and wants to meet up, or would be down to work on certain problem sets & then discuss, let me know!


  • ericaherrera401ericaherrera401 Free Trial Member
    4 karma

    Hey, I'm not in Orange County but I would be done to be "virtual" study partners

  • tanika.stanika.s Alum Member
    185 karma

    I second what Erica says.

    68 karma

    Hi I am also not in Orange country but def want a virtual study buddy!! My email is

  • Zoo Wee MamaZoo Wee Mama Member
    7 karma

    Orange County CA, or Orange County FL?

    I think I already know the answer...

  • larrygibsoncularrygibsoncu Free Trial Member
    4 karma

    Im not in OC but I'd like a virtual study partner as well.

  • tiredgorltiredgorl Monthly Member
    44 karma

    Hi same here i'm in Vancouver Canada and I can do skype!

  • JDisJD.21JDisJD.21 Member
    41 karma

    San Diego here, also in need of a study partner...

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