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Studying Strategy

Hi! I took the June 5th test and got a 159, I was averaging around a 163 before the test.

I signed up for the July 15th test but I took a 3 week break and then couldnt get back up to my regular above 160 scores. So I withdrew and didnt take the test. The fact that I couldnt bring my score back up made me think that I have to review foundational information.

I want to take the test again, and would start studying around September 1st. I'll be working part time around 15 hrs a week and would like to get a165 or above if I retake. I think i have an OK foundational knowledge but would want to revisit material.

How do I know which test to aim for and which 7sage package to use? Should I combine this with any of the Power Score bibles?

How long does it take to get through 7sage’s lessons/course material?

Thank you!


  • endless_summer17endless_summer17 Alum Member
    76 karma

    Hi! Congrats on your score! I love 7Sage. I am on my last week of the curriculum and it took me about 10 weeks although I was slotted for 6 weeks. I decided not to take the September test and push to Oct. However, everyone works at a different pace -- because you already know the information you may move through the CC quicker.

    I bought the starter package but will upgrade to the Ultimate. I think it depends on how much time you foresee yourself using the program. I also used PB for LG i thought it complemented nicely -- I did not use it for LR though.

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