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Is your account expiring near/before the Sept. LSAT?

studentservicestudentservice Alum Member Administrator Moderator Student Services
edited October 2019 in September 2019 LSAT 1421 karma

If you're taking the Sept. 2019 LSAT and your account is inconveniently set to expire a few days before the test date, you can get a free 14-day extension from this page:

For those of you who are expiring after, good luck on the LSAT! We here at 7Sage are rooting for you.


  • a1ex_682a1ex_682 Alum Member
    307 karma

    Thank you!!

  • Memeseg_88Memeseg_88 Legacy Member
    19 karma

    How do I know when my account expires?

  • Kristen RKristen R Legacy Member
    24 karma

    Hi! I'm facing this situation for the October test, will you be offering the same extension? I would appreciate it!

  • _aisling__aisling_ Alum Member
    289 karma

    @Memeseg_88 said:
    How do I know when my account expires?

    Click on your account name (on desktop, it's in the upper right-hand corner of the page). Your expiration is listed in your account information.

  • mariev22mariev22 Alum Member
    57 karma

    Hi there! I took the September LSAT, and my account expires on 10/13 (the day before scores come out). I won't know for sure whether I'll need to extend until I see how I did. If I let my account expire, will all my data be lost if I decide to repurchase later?

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