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Making Test Day like a Review Day

Any tips on how to make your test day the same as review? I always find that the silly mistakes I make on a PT come to me so easily in review.

Guidance on how to make sure that doesn't happen in three weeks?


  • MIT_2017MIT_2017 Alum Member
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    Not sure exactly what you're asking -- of course, many questions will seem much easier when reviewing it. That's natural - you aren't under a time constraint, are less nervous, etc. I think many many reps can help you get over this. Also make sure your practice test days are as similar to the real test day as possible - adhere strictly to the time limits, take your PT at the same time as the exam (which will be ~1 hour later than the listed exam time, as it takes a little while to get started on test day), eat the same breakfast, etc.

    Another slightly different tip that is likely much more powerful: rather than focusing on ensuring you don't make any mistakes on test day (unlikely), focus on identifying and correcting your mistakes in a calm, quick manner (easy to do with practice). For example, if you completely misread a rule on a LG and didn't notice until the end of that question, calmly and quickly start over, knowing that any minute cursing yourself is a minute not well spent. I found that seeing yourself recover from mistakes in a test-like environment goes a long way towards reducing test-day jitters.

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