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day before/ test day

brandonk47brandonk47 Member
in General 97 karma

I am scheduled for 230 pm on the 29th and was wondering if anyone had any tips/recommendations on what to do (OR NOT TO DO) that morning and the day before test day? I am thinking just waking up getting little workout in just to do something but not sure what else... thank you and good luck to all August test takers.. go get what's yours.


  • Hopeful9812Hopeful9812 Member
    872 karma

    I've heard from some people that they recommend doing a warm up of some LSAT questions prior to the test. So maybe like a few LR questions, few logic games, and a RC passage just to get you into the zone of taking the test. Good luck!!

  • nopicklezplznopicklezplz Member
    32 karma

    Do nothing. Literally. Chill, prepare your mind for the exam, relax, get a good night sleep, don't stress, and don't over-study. You're just doing yourself a disservice by studying your butt off right before the exam.

    Note: This doesn't mean you should stop your study routine. Do your routine till the second to last day, then stop and take a break. Let your mind rest! I posted a very similar thread in February and someone who commented compared the last few days to an MMA fight. Fighters take a week off before fight day in order to let their mind and body rest before the big fight. This helps get them into the "zone" and put 100% of their effort into the fight when the big day comes!

    If you want to do a couple drills or questions, go right ahead. Just keep it to a minimum so you don't overwhelm yourself. I'm sure you won't forget anything you learned a day before the exam, and anything you do or study a day before won't really have an effect on your score.

    Hope this helps!

  • Climb_to_170Climb_to_170 Alum Member
    426 karma

    Don't change your methods before the big day! Do exactly the same thing you do the day before you take a practice test. Trust me -- try to make yourself believe you are just taking another practice test. The more you stress about the importance of the test or pre-test routine, the more your emotions will affect you on test day.

  • 310 karma

    I did a section of LG and read through an LR section the day before my test, I recommend that!

  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    Do things you enjoy the day before the test and give yourself a rest. I read a novel, went on a run, cooked some of my favorite food. When you're that close to the test, you aren't going to be learning anything new anyhow. Just do things that put you in a good mood so you can take the test while you are feeling happy/confident

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