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Took time off to focus on LG/RC but LR score took a dip... any tips for bouncing back

austinfauniaustinfauni Alum Member
in General 22 karma

Before I started focusing on improving my LG/RC I was averaging about ~8-10 missed on LR sections combined. Spent around 2 weeks bringing my LG/RC to a point where I'm getting ~2-4 wrong on LG and ~4-5 wrong on RC. I just took a full PT and missed 10 on a single LR section... any tips for getting back into the groove of things without seeing my work with LG/RC suffer?
I found myself second guessing a lot of my answers, especially when I was between 2 answer choices on LR, and of those questions many were either NA or SA questions. Any tips would be appreciated! I'm signed up for the September LSAT so the pressures on lol

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