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LR or RC? What to focus on for Oct LSAT 170+

newyorktimesnewyorktimes Alum Member
edited September 2015 in General 58 karma

I'm currently in the mid 160s with 170+ BRs up to PT 61. I find I am usually -6 to -4 on LR for each section (total -8 to -12 on LR) and -8 to -10 on RC. Most of the time, I am getting 0 on LG. What should I focus more on for a 170+ in Oct? LR or RC? I'm BRing consistently and haven't had much time for anything other than reading articles, PTing, BRing, and evaluation of incorrect answers.

Thanks for the help and good luck to all


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Ideally you should address both, however if you focus on reading for reasoning/argument structure as your method of attack for LR then it will pay dividends for both LR and RC. Either just hit the LR hard or do both. Whatever you choose, just don't slack on the LR since it is half the test.
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