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Trying to decide which law school(s) in Illinois to apply to

kmntest8kmntest8 Free Trial Member

Hi! I’m trying to decide which law school(s) in Illinois to apply to, but am not familiar with any. I was thinking of schools such as Northwestern, U of Chicago, Illinois State, DePaul, and Kent. I know they are all different schools and ranked differently, etc., but if anyone has experience with any of those schools could you please provide any input to help me decide where to apply? I’m also interested in scholarship opportunities from law schools so availability of aid would be a factor as well. Thanks in advance!

Which school in Illinois should I apply to?
  1. Vote for the law schools in Illinois you think are best to apply to!17 votes
    1. University of Chicago
    2. Illinois State
    3. Northwestern
    4. Kent College of Law (part of Institute of Technology)
    5. DePaul


  • jakobwebber5jakobwebber5 Core Member
    2 karma

    Illinois Champaign isnt a bad school either

  • janasdaoudjanasdaoud Live Member
    3 karma

    All of those schools are great. I recommend applying to all of them, and leveraging any scholarships/funding offered to your top school. Mine is Northwestern! Loyola is also on my list. Good luck!

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