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Partner in med school, trying to pick 1-2 law schools to apply to

Hi all, weird question here. My partner is currently deciding between med schools, and I'm planning on applying to law school this fall wherever she ends up. I get some input in this process, thankfully, and so I'm wondering how I should be thinking about this given that the set of schools I apply to will be very limited. Would it be worth it to choose somewhere that the admissions predictor gives me an 80% chance of getting into? 90%? Curious how others would approach this since it's a slightly stressful situation on my end (and the nature of med school/residency means it'll be a while before it's realistic for me to apply again).


  • Genki BearGenki Bear Alum Member
    edited January 2022 30 karma

    Hey Jacob! I'm on the same boat as you.

    My partner is currently prepping for the dental board exam and I'm selecting schools based on where his future practice is. We've narrowed it down to a state and city with lots of relatively good clinics+law schools around to max out our options, but we're communicating every step of the way to weigh out the best option considering both our priorities and opportunities.

    So far my strategy is just to do as best as I can in LSAT so I get more flexibility in selecting schools. Wondering about other approaches too!

  • gremckgremck Member
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    Let's say partner wants to go to med school in Chicago, I would apply to 4-6 law schools around the Chicago area. I wouldn't put too much weight into the predictor. It's a tool but it's not the equivalent of an admissions person actually reading your file. Maybe apply to some schools just one state away too just for safety?

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
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    Former admissions officer here. You might consider mentioning in one sentence that your partner is connected in some way to the city in which your target law school is also located. Suppose an admissions committee is trying to determine the level of your interest in their school. In that case, evidence of family or personal ties to the law school's location could offer some assurance of your commitment if admitted. Good luck!

  • c.hipmunkc.hipmunk Member
    17 karma

    I would say try to pick a city where there is a target, reach and safety school you could apply too. Bigger the city the better, probably.

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